Hello there! Welcome to soy mumu – the Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia (DMV) lifestyle blog following our strange journey through life. We’ve all heard it, Washington D.C. and the surrounding DMV is the place for politics and big government. However, many people do not realize the DMV is rapidly growing into a new cultural mecca. Not to mention, Washington D.C. stands as one of the most diverse populations and is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the United States. The DMV already has an amazing melting pot culture, but the area is evolving every day, and so are we.

You might be asking yourself, what the hell is soy mumu? As is life, we have a direct and indirect answer. soy mumu is the mashup of languages from our childhood. Soy, being Spanish for “I am”, and mumu, being Tagalog for “ghost”.

We decided to write this blog together as a means of documentation, reflection, and development alongside the DMV.  By showcasing the ever changing growth of the DMV, we hope as you read this blog, your idea of our home will change.

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